Rinks must be prebooked, on-line or contact the club * - - * Membership period is from 1st September to 31st August * - - * From June 8th you will only be able to book a rink to the maximum of 7 days ahead * - - * Captains' planners are now available at the front desk


Bowling Sessions are as follows
Mondays One session at 09.30
Tuesdays to Saturdays Three sessions 09.30, 12.00 & 18.30
Sundays Two sessions 09.30 & 12.00.

Pre-booked sessions for Members only

Leagues are scheduled to start from 21st June. If anyone would like to join a league team put your name down on the sheet on the Mission 650 notice board in the Lounge.

Competitions Entries close on the 3rd July & the rounds will be drawn on the 4th July.

Galas Dates as follows Saturday 3rd July in Remembrance of Friends who have passed away since the beginning of the Covid Crisis. 7th August Fun Gala & 4th September. Lists on the Board by Rink 1. Tea and biscuits only this Summer. No Meals. Raffle Prizes will be Gratefully received.

Roadworks on the Leicester Road are causing delays in both directions, please allow for this when travelling to the club.

For enquiries about joining the club talk to
our Duty Coach on 07719 301102

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